National Payroll Week 2023

The University of Toronto celebrates National Payroll Week from September 18 to 22, 2023 alongside institutions and businesses large and small across Canada. We do so to recognize a profession that is largely performed behind the scenes, but is utterly crucial to the functioning of our institution and the well-being of all those who work here. 

The National Payroll Institute (formerly Canadian Payroll Association) initiated this week of recognition in 1995. I encourage you to take some time to read the NPI’s profiles of payroll professionals across Canada to gain insight into this important role and why it remains a profession of choice across the country. 

Consistency is a gold standard within the payroll profession. Yet change remains an ongoing reality for payroll professionals. At U of T, our payroll teams work hard to keep abreast of evolving legislation, employment standards, collective agreements, benefits, and contracts. Moreover, U of T requires so many different types of roles within our workforce that a payroll team may be managing payment for individuals from different employee groups and unions, for short-term contract staff, and for external vendorsall in a given day. Technology, too, has impacted our payroll teams significantly. Moving from paper-based methods to digital processes and systems requires enormous change and a willingness to see the long-term benefits of immediate, often very challenging, effort.  

Please join me in thanking payroll staff in the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture and in Divisional HR Offices across our three campuses. I am extremely grateful for the tenacity of our payroll teams and their dedication to delivering payments accurately and on time. In a climate marked by increasing financial instability, these staff provide everyone who works at U of T with much-needed peace of mind.