Launch of the HRIS Certificate Program

Date October 4, 2018
To: Business Officers (via the AMS Listserv)
Division of HR & Equity; Divisional HR Offices
From: Sheryl Vitug, HRIS Training and Project Specialist, Division of HR & Equity

The HRIS Support Team is pleased to launch the new HRIS Certificate Program, effective October 1, 2018.

The HRIS Standard Curriculum comprises nine (9) courses (and an additional three (3) mandatory training courses for HR Professionals) that provide an in-depth understanding of the HRIS system at the University as well as fundamentals on maintaining organizational management data, processing HR employment, payment and benefits data for various staff groups, and reporting.

In order to receive an HRIS Standard Curriculum certificate, attendees must successfully complete all the applicable courses within a two-year period. Details about the courses required to complete each certificate are available on the HR & Equity HRIS website. Please see our FAQs for more information.

This initiative is part of our commitment to ensuring we provide the best learning experience for users of HRIS at the University of Toronto. If you have any feedback on our courses or certificate programs, please contact