HR Service Centre is now available

Dear colleagues,

The HR Service Centre (HRSC) is now live to the wider U of T community.

What is the HR Service Centre?

The HR Service Centre is your first stop when looking for HR information.

Within the HR Service Centre, you can:

  • Submit HR requests & forms online via a service catalog;
  • Search a customized knowledge base that contains HR and employment information specific to your employee group; and,
  • Submit HR inquiries and receive regular updates via an inquiry ticketing system

Guided tours on how to use the HR Service Centre are built into the system and will automatically pop-up when employees log in.

Where do you access the HR Service Centre?

You can access the HR Service Centre at

From the HR Service Centre homepage, there are also easy links to other HR platforms, such as SuccessFactors, the True Blue Recognition platform, and Employee Self-Service (ESS) / Manager Self-Service (MSS).

What does this mean for you?

Any questions submitted to the HR Service Centre by will be triaged appropriately and answered by the right team. This system will also provide us with an easier way to keep you in the loop on any questions or forms you have submitted to HR.

The HR Service Centre will replace major components of the HR & Equity website, which is being relaunched in March 2020. The HR Service Centre should be your first stop to access any written HR information or forms that you need.


If you have any questions about the HR Service Centre, please submit a general inquiry using the HR Service Centre.