Holiday Celebrations & Gifts 2022

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to share information to guide your planning for end-of-year staff celebrations and/or gifting in your unit or Division, or on your campus.  

Please circulate this information about legal obligations according to the Liquor License Act, University policy such as the Alcohol Policy, and general laws widely. 

Event Planning 

Some of you may be exploring imaginative approaches to virtual events this year. However, for those who are planning in-person events, please consider the following:

(a) Events on any U of T-owned or -operated property 

On-campus event teams (such as these at St. George, UTM, and UTSC) can help with your venue and planning needs. 

If alcohol will be served at your on-campus event: 

  • familiarize yourself with your legal obligations according to the Liquor Licence Act, University policy (such as the Alcohol Policy), and general laws; 
  • remember that non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be provided; 
  • consider providing free non-alcoholic beverages if you are already using a cash bar; 
  • remember that all alcohol served on University premises must be purchased through your campus’ Beverage Services department, as they represent the licence holder; 
  • you must be able to control occupancy at the on-campus location, and this location must meet certain physical requirements (sufficient exit capacity, lack of trip hazards, etc.); 
  • alcohol must be served by a server trained in accordance with the requirements of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and the alcohol service protocols relevant to your campus; and 
  • controls must be in place to ensure that persons not legally entitled to consume alcohol (intoxicated persons, or persons under the age of 19) do not consume alcohol.

(b) Events at an off-campus restaurant or event space 

The venue’s rules and policies about serving alcohol, among other considerations, should guide your preparations. 


For those of you who are planning to give gifts to your teams and/or colleagues, please note the following: 

Thank you for your exceptional contributions to the University in 2022, and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. 


Scott Mabury and Kelly Hannah-Moffat