Healthy Workplace Month

October is Healthy Workplace Month. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our work and affected personal lives. We are experiencing new challenges as we adjust to working from home and to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Healthy Workplace Month is a reminder of the need to promote a culture that consistently prioritizes our health and wellbeing. These efforts contribute to our collective resilience and foster a healthy workplace at the University.

To support our community and to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining and supporting a healthy work environment, whether at home or in the office, we have developed a Wellness and Work from Home Toolkit. I encourage you to explore the internal and external supports posted on the Human Resources & Equity website under Support and Advice for Employees During COVID-19. In addition, HR & E is organizing regular virtual Wellness events on a variety of topics; an extensive list of these events is available in the HR Wellness calendar.