Follow-up to Compensation update for Confidential, PM, AP and RA / SRA staff

Date: July 27, 2017
To: Confidential Staff; Professional & Managerial staff; Advancement Professionals; Research Associates & Senior Research Associates
From: Erin Jackson, Chief HR Officer
CC: Follow-up to Compensation update for Confidential, PM, AP and RA / SRA staff

The annual increase process

Further to Kelly Hannah-Moffatt’s compensation message of June 23, 2017, our HR offices have received a few questions about the annual increase process as they do each year at this time. As such, I wanted to respond to the frequently asked questions to provide a little more context.

Merit increase

In terms of the merit increase, what is my employee group eligible for?

Annual merit increases are administered in line with each employee group’s existing compensation policies. Specifically:

Confidential, Professional & Managerial (PM 1–5) staff, and Research Associates / Senior Research Associates (RA / SRA) are entitled to both a merit-based increase and an across-the-board (ATB) adjustment.

Professional & Managerial (PM 6–9) staff and Advancement Professionals (AP) receive an overall merit increase based solely on performance and do not receive a separate ATB adjustment. However, the ATB is considered when determining the merit dollars for these groups.

Across-the-board (ATB) increase

How are across-the-board (ATB) increases determined?

When determining ATB amounts, the compensation increases negotiated by other employee groups are taken into account. These negotiations are ongoing.

Once these negotiations are complete, a proposal listing total compensation increases for non-represented groups, including the ATB increase, will be tabled with the Business Board for approval.

Increases and your pay

When might I expect to see an ATB increase reflected on my pay?

We anticipate to be in a position to implement this ATB for Confidential, PM (1–5) and RA / SRA staff in the fall.

As a reminder, the ATB increase will be retro to July 1, 2017.

Pension deductions

When will the pension contribution increases be deducted from my pay?

The Business Board has agreed that the deductions will not occur before September 30, 2017, but will be fully retroactive to June 30, 2017.  To reduce the impact on your pay, we will be proposing off-sets with respect to these increases in the fall.

As always, should you have any questions, please contact your Divisional HR Office.