Employee Appreciation Day

Since the 1990s, the first Friday in March has been widely recognized as Employee Appreciation Day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all faculty, librarians, and staff at the University of Toronto. The excellence of this institution relies on the talent and dedication of our more than 35,000 employees. U of T continues to be a world-leading teaching and research institution because, every day, you make vital and wide-ranging contributions that support our academic mission and our tri-campus community. With collaboration and compassion, you encourage our students to meet their academic and personal goals and provide a stimulating environment for learning. Despite the challenges and disruptions of the pandemic, you continue to perform or support research and innovation in all fields. Showing flexibility and resilience, you maintain or foster inclusive spaces, both physical and virtual.

Encouraging a culture of gratitude, appreciation, and respect can make a difference to the well-being of everyone who works at U of T. Today, on Employee Appreciation Day, consider expressing your appreciation for your colleagues by sending a message through the True Blue platform. The platform is our central hub for sending peer-to-peer recognitions and hosts an array of e-cards that you can send to your colleagues.

Thank you again for your commitment to excellence at the University of Toronto. Your contributions are vital to this institution, to our students, and to our internal and external communities.

Kelly Hannah-Moffat