For Action: Launch of the DEFERRED 2019 Annual Performance Assessment process for Professional & Managerial and Confidential staff

Further to Chief Human Resources Officer Erin Jackson’s message of April 10, 2019, I am writing to announce the launch of the deferred 2019 Performance Assessment Process for Professional Managerial and Confidential Staff groups.

What is the deferred performance assessment process?

The deferred performance assessment process is the same annual performance assessment process implemented for the Professional & Managerial and Confidential Staff groups. However, it is administered under different timelines. Some employees were not available to complete the 2018 / 2019 performance assessment process in the Halogen system earlier this year for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we are now launching the deferred performance assessment process for this particular group.

Please review the details for your process at the HR & Equity website.

The University expects that most employees should receive a High-Quality Performance rating, where work is of high quality in all significant areas of responsibility. For Professional & Managerial and Confidential Staff, this rating is indicated with a 3 to 3.5 value. The excellent and exceptional performance ratings (4, 4.5, and 5) are intended to recognize staff who have served in an above-and-beyond capacity, and have achieved significant accomplishments in relation to their divisional and individual goals throughout the past year.

Paper Forms

Please note that the deferred 2019-performance assessment process will be done in a paper format due to the recent transition to the SuccessFactors: Performance and Goals module and the discontinuation of the Halogen system. Please find attached copies of the 2019 performance assessment forms for your employee group. A detailed overview and steps of the assessment process are provided in the body of the form.

Deferred 2018/2019 Performance Assessment Process Timeline

The paper process will commence on November 4, 2019. Although there are no firm deadlines for each individual step of this process, it is anticipated that both employees and managers will complete their assessment and submit it for Divisional review and approval no later than February 7, 2020.

The assessment process needs to be completed by all the process participants by February 14, 2020, with final employee comment.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For assistance regarding the deferred performance assessment process, visit the PM & Confidentials Staff Performance Assessment web page or contact your Divisional HR Office.