Launch of the DEFERRED 2018 Annual Performance Assessment for Professional & Managerial and Confidential staff

Date November 7, 2018
To: Participants and Reviewers in the deferred 2018 Performance Assessment process for PM and Confidential Sta‎ff
From: Barb Movrin, Director, Compensation, Human Resources & Equity

With reference to the message of April 19, 2018, I’m writing to announce the launch of the deferred 2018 Performance Assessment Process.


What is the deferred performance assessment process?

The deferred performance assessment process is identical to the annual performance assessment process for the Professional & Managerial and Confidential Staff groups; however, it is administered under different timelines.

Due to a variety of reasons, some employees were not available to complete the 2017 / 2018 performance assessment process earlier this year. Therefore, we are now launching the deferred performance assessment process to this particular group.

More information about the performance assessment process for Professional & Managerial staff and Confidentials staff can be found at the HR & Equity website at:


What is the timeline for the deferred 2017/2018 performance assessment process?

The deferred 2018 performance assessment process will commence on November 8, 2018. The performance assessment requires both an employee and a manager to complete various sections of the assessment and submit it for Divisional review and approval no later than February 8, 2019.

The assessment process needs to be completed in the Halogen system by February 25, 2019, with final employee comments.


What are the steps of the online assessment process?

The online performance assessment process includes an activity report from the employee, a detailed assessment of performance from the manager and an opportunity for employees to provide final comments. The Employee Guide and Reviewer Guide provide further details about the assessment process.


How do I get access “Halogen Performance Assessment” tool?

Please follow the link to log into Halogen.



Who do I contact if I have any issues?

Process Support:

For assistance regarding the performance assessment process, visit the PM & Confidentials Staff Performance Assessment web page or contact your Divisional HR Office.


What if my Manager information is incorrect?

The Halogen software uses positional based workflows which are captured in HRIS. Any information that is not current or that requires modification should be directed to your Divisional HR Office for correction.


I am having a technical issue with the Halogen Software:

If you are experiencing any technical issues (other than password resets) with Halogen, please email for direct support and assistance during regular working hours.