Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

COVID-19 General Workplace Guideline (GWG)

Dear colleagues,

Further to my message sent May 11 on the COVID-19 Workplace Re-opening Process, we are now providing the University of Toronto’s COVID-19 General Workplace Guideline (GWG). Chief Administrative Officers and HR should use the GWG, including the tools provided within it, to develop and submit their Divisional plans for having employees gradually return to their on-campus workplace(s).

Further to the collaborative effort announced between U of T and the City of Toronto, please note that employees who can work from home should continue to do so until September. We anticipate that the majority of our employees are able to continue to work remotely. CAOs need to submit a detailed plan outlining the divisional measures being put in place to ensure a safe gradual return, before having employees resume on campus work.

The General Workplace Guideline (GWG)

The GWG is available to University of Toronto leaders via the HR Service Centre within the COVID-19 Leadership Toolkit. You must log in to the HR Service Centre to access this resource.

The GWG provides direction on the workplace measures that must be put in place to make our respective workplaces safe and ready for a graduated return to on campus operations, while ensuring that the University remains compliant with applicable legal obligations.

This Guideline includes information on:

  • Roles and responsibilities for returning to on-campus operations
  • Scheduling tasks & workflows
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provisions, including when masks should be worn and how to request PPE from the University.
  • Addressing employee safety concerns HR-related processes (e.g. return to work (RTW) processes, managing remotely, equity considerations, mental health, etc.)
  • Assessment tools and templates

We will regularly update this Guideline, so please ensure that you always access the most recent copy from within the COVID-19 Leadership Toolkit. The GWG can be shared with critical leads within your Divisions if they are required to participate in developing return to work plans.

The GWG informs the development of our additional workplace-specific guidelines for the University. When complete, these additional guidelines will be added to the COVID-19 Leadership Toolkit.

If you think there are other areas that warrant additional guidelines, please contact

Probable or Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

As outlined in the GWG, please note that the University’s EHS office has procedures in place in the event of probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases. You should familiarize yourself and others in your division with these procedures. Managers, Chairs, and Unit Heads should not send any messaging directly to faculty, staff, or others about suspected or confirmed cases.