COVID-19 – Additional Immigration Considerations (PDAD&C #62)

This memo is an update to the memo of March 23, 2020, which provided advice on the Impact of Temporary Travel Restrictions Resulting from COVID-19. Set out below is additional immigration advice relevant to visiting faculty appointments and post-doctoral fellows.

Advice for faculty members who are considering inviting a colleague to the University on a Visiting Professor appointment

We are asking all academic units to put on hold plans to invite faculty to visit the University of Toronto in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our request is a response to the closure of a number of labs on campus; the requirement that those who arrive from outside Canada must self-isolate for a period of 14 days; and the fact that faculty, librarians and staff are being strongly encouraged to work remotely.

If you have any urgent concerns with respect to a Visiting Professor appointment, please contact

Advice for faculty members who are considering engaging or employing Post-doctoral Fellows

We are asking faculty members considering engaging or employing Post-doctoral Fellows to work with their business officers and HR immigration to assess appropriate timelines and ability to obtain appropriate work and payment authorizations. In addition to mandatory self-isolation, consideration must be given to the ability for the Post-doctoral Fellow to begin working remotely given the closure of many labs on campus.

Advice for Visiting Professors and Post-doctoral Fellows who are currently in Toronto with concluding appointments

As many of you are aware, the federal government has imposed travel restrictions impacting foreign nationals in Canada as part of its efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel plans for international visiting faculty and post-doctoral fellows whose appointments and corresponding work permits are concluding may be impacted by these restrictions.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recommended that foreign nationals who are in Canada and whose temporary resident status (work permit) expires soon should submit an application to renew their work permits if applicable, or to change their status to temporary resident visitors in Canada prior to the expiry of their current work permit. Individuals applying for renewal of their work permit will have implied status allowing them to continue working in Canada until Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has made a decision on their application. Individuals who are not applying for renewal may apply to change their status to temporary resident visitor in order to stay in Canada until arrangements to return home can be made.

More Information:  

If you require further information on COVID-19, or you have questions on how the travel restrictions may affect visiting faculty and international postdoctoral fellows, please review the resources below:

In the event that you are unable to find the information you require, please email us with your specific immigration-related questions as follows:

Visiting faculty should direct their enquiries to

Postdoctoral fellows should direct enquiries to