Compensation Update for Confidential, PM, AP and RA / SRA Staff

Further to my message of April 3, 2023, regarding the launch of the Performance Assessment process, I am writing to provide an update regarding changes to compensation for non-represented staff.

Across the Board (ATB) Increase

Across the Board (ATB) increases for eligible non-represented staff groups will be determined by considering the compensation increases negotiated with other employee groups, primarily our USW employees. These amounts have not yet been confirmed and therefore will not proceed this July 1, however we will communicate again once more information is available. Any approved ATB increases for eligible Confidential, PM 1-5 Professional & Managerial staff, Research Associates and Senior Research Associates will be retroactive to July 1, 2023.

Merit Increase

The University administers annual merit increases for eligible non-represented staff groups in line with each group’s existing compensation policies. Although the launch of this year’s performance assessment process was implemented on time, merit pay will be delayed and retroactive to July 1, 2023, due to pending collective bargaining negotiations that will impact our overall compensation budget. Merit increases will be determined based on June 30, 2023 salaries and will be implemented along with ATB amounts.

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