Compensation update for Confidential, PM, AP and RA / SRA staff

Further to Kelly Hannah-Moffat’s message of April 26, 2021 regarding the 2020 Across the Board retroactive increase, I am writing to provide a compensation update for non-represented staff. On March 17th, Business Board approved a series of recommendations regarding compensation increases for Confidential, Professional & Managerial (PM), Advancement Professionals (AP), and Research Associate & Senior Research Associate (RA / SRA) staff.

Merit increases

The University administers annual merit increases for eligible non-represented staff groups in line with each group’s existing compensation policies. The merit pay will be effective July 1, 2021 based on June 30, 2021 salaries and will be implemented in the July pay.

Across the Board (ATB) increase

An across-the-board (ATB) increase of 1% for all eligible Confidential, Professional & Managerial (PM 1-5) Staff, Research Associates and Senior Research Associates will be effective July 1, 2021 based on June 30, 2021 salaries. This ATB increase will be implemented in the July pay.

The decision to provide the 1% ATB increase complies with the provincial compensation restrictions legislated under Bill 124.  July 1, 2021 represents year two of the three-year moderation period required under Bill 124.

Processing Instructions

Detailed processing instructions for this year’s merit increases will be distributed to Divisional HR Offices and Business Officers in advance of the July pay close.

Should you have any questions about these compensation changes, please contact your Divisional HR Office.