Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

Coming Soon: Performance Assessment Process

Dear colleagues,

The 2020 Performance Assessment process will begin on September 15 for those in the Professional & Managerial (PM), Confidential and Research Associate / Senior Research Associate (RA/ SRA) employee groups. The process for Advancement Professionals (AP) will begin on September 22. This will be the first year that the process takes place via the SuccessFactors: Performance and Goals (SF: PMGM) platform.

The importance of the Performance Assessment process

This annual practice is designed to support our employees’ potential while formally acknowledging each individual’s performance relative to their manager’s expectations, as well in relation to departmental, divisional and organizational goals. Communication and feedback are essential to job satisfaction, building cohesive teams and maximizing employees’ potential. Ongoing feedback on performance and clearly defined professional development goals are important components of a strong employment relationship.

To this end, managers and employees are encouraged to explore the virtual educational development opportunities offered by the Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture (LLC). Training videos and online courses specific to Performance Assessment will be available once the process begins, and further support resources will be housed in the HR Service Centre.

Thank you for your commitment to feedback processes such as Performance Assessment and the Speaking Out! survey. Your willingness to engage in honest dialogue about your experience at the University helps us to ensure employee engagement and remain an employer of choice year after year.

Performance Descriptors

Please be reminded that the University expects a majority of the employees participating in the performance assessment processes to receive a High-Quality Performance rating, where work is of high quality in all significant areas of responsibility. The excellent and exceptional performance ratings are intended to recognize staff who have served in and above-and-beyond capacity and have achieved significant accomplishments in relation to their divisional and individual goals throughout the past year.

As part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture at U of T, this year’s updated Performance Descriptors have included additional language incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion. Providing accurate assessments helps to ensure that all employees are appropriately recognized for their work and contribution to the University and maintains fair distinctions between levels of staff performance in a given year and within Divisions.


If you have any questions regarding the delay of the Performance Assessment process, please contact your Divisional HR Office. All technical or systems questions can be directed to the