Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

Change in parking procedure for essential staff, St. George campus

In late March, an emergency decision was made to allow essential staff to park on campus at no cost. For staff who did not already have a parking permit, a form was created which was to be signed by an authorised person and displayed on vehicle dashboards. The cost of providing this parking benefit was borne centrally.

In accordance with the Provost’s instructions, beginning May 11, parking for essential staff on the St. George campus will become a departmental expense. In order to streamline administrative work associated with this benefit, and to ensure that there are accurate records identifying authorised parkers, information will be gathered from departments and kept in Transportation Services, who will use it for parking enforcement and billing. There are two types of individuals who park on the campus: those who normally drive to the campus and have a parking permit; and those who do not.

For essential staff without a parking permit who wish to park on campus:

  • Receive approval from supervisor
  • Provide name, email address, vehicle information and preferred parking location to departmental business officer or other administrative contact; departmental business officer or other administrative contact fills out form and sends to Transportation Services (see below)
  • Transportation Services will email the parking voucher directly to the individual parker, with confirmation of parking location and other important instructions

For essential staff with a parking permit who wish to park on campus:

  • No action is required
  • To cease parking on campus temporarily, staff should notify departmental business officer or other administrative contact
  • Staff who wish to cancel their parking permit entirely should contact Transportation Services, per normal procedure

For departmental business officers or other administrative contacts responsible for implementing this program:

  • Complete the Department Essential Personnel Parking Request form, including all approved essential staff requiring a temporary parking voucher, and email to Transportation Services:
  • Notify Transportation Services of any modifications to this list as they occur
  • Transportation Services will provide departments with a list of active permit holders (i.e., those currently parking regularly on campus) for verification
  • Transportation Services will bill departments monthly based on the above

The above procedure is intended primarily for monthly parking. Daily parking may also be arranged using the above process, or through the Transportation department’s website.

This process will remain in effect until normal campus operations resume.