Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

ARCDO 2020-2021 Course Offerings

Hi everyone,

The Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office (ARCDO) has announced its 2020-2021 course offerings. The sessions are designed to increase faculty and staff’s understanding of their roles/responsibilities and key strategies to advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion at U of T.

ARCDO’s work is strongly supported by the University, and I encourage managers and supervisors to be accommodating if their staff would like to attend these sessions.

How to Register:

Employees browse and register for these sessions from the ARCDO Training and Workshops webpage.

The 2020-2021 Course Offerings:

  • Understanding Your Responsibility to Preventing Racial Discrimination & Harassment in the Work Environment
  • What is Harassment? Tools to Identifying and Addressing Racial and Sexual Harassment in the Work Environment
  • Addressing Racial Microaggressions: Tools, Strategies and Discussions

Advanced courses:

  • Anti-Black Racism Training (Module 1): Understanding Anti-Black Racism: The Foundation**
  • Anti-Black Racism Training (Module 2): Going Deeper in Addressing Anti-Black Racism: Understanding Whiteness, Internalized Racism and Debunking Myths**
  • Anti-Black Racism Training (Module 3): Anti-Black Racism & Tools for Organizational Change**
  • Debunking Institutional Racism for Managers*
  • Identifying and addressing attitudinal barriers to racial equity, diversity and inclusion*

*Requires the completion of prerequisite courses
**The Anti-Black Racism Training is a three part training series. Each session will be 2 hours and takes place 3 days in a row

Please note all sessions will be held virtually.

More Information:

More information about ARCDO, including how the Office can help advance racial equity, diversity and inclusion in your unit with a customized workshop, is available on the ARCDO website.