For action: Launch of 2018 Annual Performance Assessment Process for Advancement Professionals

Date: May 15, 2018
To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs (via Provost’s Digest); Advancement Professionals
From: Barb Movrin, Interim Director, Compensation, Human Resources & Equity
Re: For action: Launch of 2018 Annual Performance Assessment Process for Advancement Professionals

Further to Kelly Hannah- Moffat’s message of April 16, 2018, the annual performance assessment process begins on May 16 for Advancement Professionals.

Please review the timelines and other details carefully to ensure that you understand what information is needed and the deadlines for the 2018 annual performance assessment process.

I thank you in advance for working through this important process. To get started on this year’s process, please select the option for your employee group:


What’s New for 2018?

Performance Assessment Process moves online for 1AP & 2AP Senior Development Officers

This year, employees in the 1AP and 2AP Senior Development Officers group will join other employee groups by using the Halogen system for the performance assessment process. Details about the online performance assessment process and relevant resources for this group including the Employee and Reviewer Guides can be found on the HR & Equity website.

In order to support completion of the self-assessment of employees in this group, individual Development Summary Report is available for each of the AP staff participating in the process and can be found in the My Performance Tab in the Halogen system under Documents.

Halogen System Version Upgrade

The Halogen Performance Management system has been upgraded to a new and improved version, and introduces a new homepage dashboard that enriches and simplifies access to information and important tasks for each online process. Other Halogen screens and online forms for various processes have received minor cosmetic updates; however, overall system functionality remains unchanged.

More details about the Halogen upgrade, including training and reference materials, can be found on the HR & Equity website here.

To view a video demo of the new Halogen dashboard, click here.  Also, see the Home Page Quick Reference for Employees or Reviewers.

Should you have any questions about the 2018 Performance Assessment Process, please contact your Human Resources Divisional Office.