2021 tax forms available through Employee Self-Service (ESS) in February 2022

Active Employees:

T4 and T4A forms for the 2021 tax year will be available online via Employee Self-Service (ESS) for all active University of Toronto employees on Friday, February 25, 2022.

Paper Tax Forms for Active Employees:

Active employees who have requested to receive T4 paper delivery on ESS prior to February 3, 2022 will receive 2021 tax forms in the mail.

Paper copies of T4A  forms will be mailed to all employees.

Any requests submitted after February 3, 2022 will affect T4 distribution starting in 2023.

Inactive Employees:

Inactive employees do not have ESS access and will receive paper tax forms in the mail. These documents will be sent to the most recently recorded mailing address in your U of T personnel file on HRIS. 2021 tax forms will be mailed from the University by the end of February.

Inactive employees who have moved or changed addresses in the past year must notify their Divisional HR Office to have your mailing information updated for future pay statements and tax forms.

Inactive employees who do not receive a tax slip in the mail may contact payroll.hr@utoronto.ca to request a paper copy after March 9, 2022.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Full name, as recorded in your U of T HRIS file
  • Your personnel number
  • Date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Phone Number
  • Delivery method:
    • Email—please submit your request in writing and provide a valid email address
    • Standard mail—please provide a valid mailing address


Employees who receive T4A-NR tax forms will have these mailed to their address as recorded in HRIS. These documents will be mailed from the University by the end of February.