2019/20 Performance Assessment – Final Manager Steps

Dear colleagues,

We are following up to remind you about the next important steps in the performance assessment process.

The next steps for managers are:

  1. Review approved performance assessment forms
  2. Schedule 1:1 performance meetings
  3. Provide salary adjustment letters (as applicable)

Review approved performance assessment forms

As of November 24, the performance rating approvals for Professional/Managerial, Confidential, Advancement Professional, and Research Associate / Senior Research Associate staff have been completed. Most approved assessment forms with these ratings are now available for managers to access in SuccessFactors Performance & Goals.

You can find all approved assessment forms under the “Performance” tile. All approved performance rating forms will appear as “Step: 1:1 Meeting.”

Schedule 1:1 Performance Meetings

All managers should now meet with their direct reports to share their performance assessment feedback in a 1:1 meeting. Wherever possible, these meetings should be complete by December 9, 2020.

Once you have conducted the performance feedback meeting with your direct reports, you must release the performance assessment form back to the employee for their comments and sign off the form in order to complete the process in the system by December 16, 2020. Information on how to do this is available in the Conducting the 1 on 1 Meeting (for All Employee Groups) job aid available in the HR Service Centre.

If there is a need for flexibility in conducting the 1:1 Meetings, they can take place beyond December 9, assuming the employee will still have time to review and sign off the form by end of the day on December 16.

Provide salary adjustment letters (as applicable)

The final step in the performance assessment process is handling salary adjustment letters for your direct reports to reflect any merit increases. Your Divisional HR Office will coordinate drafting and distribution of any the salary adjustment letters for staff in all employee groups. The letters for the Professional/Managerial and Confidential staff will be available early in December when the merit amounts are distributed to the Divisions for implementation.

If you have any further questions about the 2019/2020 Performance Assessment Process, please contact your Divisional Human Resources Office.


As a reminder, training videos on how to prepare for the performance conversation with direct reports. You should have already received notification on November 16 that these videos have been assigned to you in the Learning module. An accompanying workbook is available to further support managers as you gather information and structure these performance conversations.

You can access the Resource Videos in SuccessFactors: Learning.