2017-18 goal setting process begins for Confidential, PM, AP, and RA staff

Date: July 26, 2017
To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs (via Provost’s Digest); Professional & Managerial Staff; Advancement Professionals; Confidential Staff; Research Associates (Limited Term) and Senior Research Associates
From: Barb Movrin, Interim Director, Compensation, Division of Human Resources & Equity
CC: Divisional HR Offices
Re: For action: Launch of 2017–18 goal setting process for Confidential, PM, AP, RA / SRA staff

Goal setting

The performance assessment process for Confidential, PM, Advancement Professional and RA / SRA staff is winding down as managers and staff work towards completing all steps of the process – including face-to-face meetings – by the end of July.

Goal setting is the next step in the annual review process and is essential to staff members’ development, success and engagement. It is a collaborative process that occurs between a staff member and their manager and should be discussed and agreed upon together. It provides individuals with greater clarity on expectations and increases engagement by creating a connection between their own work and a Division’s strategic objectives.

This critical step includes the forward planning of objectives, expectations and development goals for the coming year.

This year all employees in the PM, Confidential, AP and RA / SRA employee groups will record their goals in the Halogen online system.

Get started

To get started on this year’s process, please select the option for your employee group:

Full login details can be found on the Performance Management help page.


Please ensure to have your goals submitted to your manager by October 2, 2017 and approved by your manager in Halogen by October 31, 2017.


Prior to using the online tool, please review the goal setting resources to familiarize yourself with the process steps, performance planning details, SMART principles (PDF) and key dates on the Performance Assessment & Goal Setting web page.

While the Halogen system is a very intuitive tool, the functionality takes a bit of getting used to. The ‘Halogen Goal Setting Process Guides’ are available for employees and managers on the respective goal setting web page.


Goal setting process:

For assistance regarding your goals or professional development activities:

Visit the Goal Setting web page
Visit the Halogen Help web page
Contact your Divisional HR Office

Incorrect manager information:

The Halogen software uses positional-based workflows, which are captured in HRIS. Any information that is not current or requires modification, should be directed to your Divisional HR Office for correction.

Technical issues:

Email compensation.hr@utoronto.ca during regular working hours.

Thank you for your support with this important process.