Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

(2014-2015 HR#29) Strike by CUPE 3902 Unit 1

HR#29, 2014 – 2015

Date: February 27, 2015
To: The University Community
From: Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity; Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Re: Strike by CUPE 3902 Unit 1

The University has been bargaining intensively with CUPE 3902 Unit 1 in order to reach a fair and reasonable renewal collective agreement.  We believe that our latest offer meets those criteria.  We are disappointed that while a tentative agreement unanimously approved by the Unit 1 bargaining team was reached late last night, Unit 1 members who attended a meeting this afternoon voted not to send the agreement  to the full bargaining unit membership for ratification. CUPE 3902 Unit 1, which represents teaching assistants, lab assistants, graders, markers and course instructors, is now on strike.

The University and its facilities will remain open during the strike.

All employees of the University who are not represented by CUPE 3902 Unit 1 will be expected to continue their regular activities.

The University will respect the decision of those CUPE 3902 Unit 1 members who wish to continue working. That is, the University will not lock out CUPE 3902 Unit 1 members as long as this remains operationally feasible. The University will also respect the decision of those who choose to strike.

The University places a very high value on maintaining the integrity of our academic programs and on minimizing any negative impact upon our students. To this end, we have been working to minimize disruption on campus during the strike. Chairs and Deans have been frequently updated on the latest in this situation and provided with practical guidelines to share with faculty and staff in their divisions.

In addition, for regularly updated FAQs on issues affecting faculty and staff, including picket lines and classes, please check the University’s homepage under ‘Announcements’.

Please note that an announcement regarding the strike is also being sent to all 83,400 students. Student FAQs can also be found by clicking on the University’s homepage.