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(2010-2011 HR#21) Speaking Up Survey: Presentation of Divisional Results

March 11, 2011
Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity; Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life
Speaking Up Survey: Presentation of Divisional Results

Speaking Up Survey: Presentation of Divisional Results

We have now received the divisional results for the 2010 Speaking Up Survey.  As was our practice in 2006 we will be sharing these with the relevant divisions over the coming months through a presentation provided by Edith and me.

Shortly, a representative from one of our offices will contact you to schedule a time for this presentation.  The purpose of the presentation is to give you an overview of the results so that you can then roll them out more broadly within your division in whatever way you deem most appropriate. We would ask that you invite your senior management team, Vice or Associate Deans and Human Resources representative to attend. You are, of course, free to invite any other key staff or faculty you feel should be part of a presentation of these results (including, for instance, those people who represented your division on the Advisory Committee for the survey.  A full list of Advisory Committee members is available here:

Our survey provider, Ipsos Reid, was particularly impressed by the coherence in the results both across the different divisions in the University as well as amongst the various employee groups.  They have suggested that it would be beneficial for us to address these common issues through a coherent and collaborative approach.   We should therefore like to work closely with the divisions and our employee groups on any strategies to address areas for improvement.  We would welcome your reflections on the results and suggestions of how to proceed in addressing areas where we can continue to improve.

If you have any questions about the Speaking Up Survey, please do not hesitate to contact Stephannie Roy, Office of the Vice Provost Faculty & Academic Life (

or Janice Draper, Human Resources (

Further details on the survey are available at