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(2010-2011 HR#2) Merit Increases and Incentive Pay for 2010 for Advancement Professionals

July 15, 2011
Principals / Deans / Reviewing Managers; Advancement Professionals; (CC: Gillian Morrison, Deborah Ovsenny, Diane Horvath, Deborah Simon Edwards, Divisional HR Offices)
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity, and Chair of Advancement Compensation Committee; David Palmer, Vice-President, Division of University Advancement
Merit Increases and Incentive Pay for 2010 for Advancement Professionals

We are writing to clarify that the email dated July 7, 2010 about Merit Increases for 2010 does apply to all Confidential and Professional Managerial employees including all Advancement Professionals. Even though the implementation of merit based increases and incentive pay has been delayed, please ensure that you conduct your performance assessment meetings with your staff and share their performance ratings with them, as the most critical piece of the assessment process is the feedback you provide to your employees.

Performance assessment is an opportunity for you to recognize accomplishments, clarify expectations, focus on priorities, and discuss opportunities for development. Staff want to receive meaningful feedback and they value this opportunity to discuss career development. Please take the time to engage positively with your staff in this process.

Rest assured that where there is a merit and/or incentive pay adjustment it will be retroactive to July 1, as outlined in the July 7th email.

We understand that this is a frustrating and fluid situation for everyone. Suffice it to say that we are trying to respect the legislation and the restraint program, while also ensuring that ongoing salary reviews are fair to the University’s dedicated staff members. Please do not hesitate to contact either of our Offices if you have any concerns or questions.