Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

(2009-2010 HR#34) G20 Closure on the St George Campus June 24 – 27

June 3, 2010
PDAD&C; Professional and Managerial Staff; HR Divisional Managers
Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity
G20 Closure on the St George Campus June 24 – 27

A number of questions have been raised regarding the implications for faculty and staff of the planned closure of the St. George campus for June 24-27 inclusive.

All buildings on the St George campus will be locked as of 6pm Wednesday June 23 and will be reopened as of normal opening time on Monday June 28. The residences will re-open on Sunday evening, June 27. Some of the buildings will require that there be enhanced security measures in place. Most of our parking garages will be closed to personal vehicles and both King’s College Circle and Hart House Circle will be restricted to emergency vehicle access only.

With the exception of those staff deemed to be essential and those engaged in research activities (see below) we are asking that employees not come to work. Those employees who are able to work from home are encouraged to do so. In other words, consider these days of closure as if we were experiencing a long winter storm! (and, just as with a winter storm, keep in mind that public transit is likely to experience periodic disruptions.)

The Divisional Human Resources Managers will work with the relevant Division Heads to identify those staff who are deemed to be essential during this time period. Any proposed changes to shifts or hours of work will be discussed with the relevant unions.

We are aware that various research activities must still continue in order to ensure the integrity of the research. Several of our buildings will be monitored by security personnel, who will only admit those who are pre-approved to enter the building. It is imperative, therefore, that faculty and staff who wish to come onto the St George campus to continue their scholarly and research activities advise their Unit Head of their plans. My office will coordinate with the Deans’ Offices to ensure that pre approvals are arranged for the relevant buildings.

Additional Questions

Q1 If Employees have already booked this time as vacation, will they be granted two additional vacation days?

No – just as we would not provide additional vacation days if a winter storm closure occurred while you were on a planned vacation

Q2. Will employees who are asked to come to work between June 24 and June 27 be given lieu time?

No – we are asking employees to work from home, to the extent they are able to do so, during these two days

Q3 What if an employee who has been asked to come to work feels it is unsafe to do so?

The University has a responsibility to ensure that employees are safe while at work. Employees who have concerns should raise these with their HR manager.

Employees who are at work on the St George campus on June 24-27 should contact campus police if they feel unsafe.

Q4 What if a staff member wants to come to work even though they have not been deemed “essential” by their Unit Head?

We are very grateful that our staff are committed to their work, however, given the likely disruption to public transit we strongly advise that only those (a) engaged in activities deemed essential or (b) engaged in scholarship or research activities that cannot be interrupted should come to the St. George Campus. In all cases, Unit Heads must be advised if you wish to be on campus. For some buildings, you will only obtain access if pre-approved to be at work.

Q5 Should casual staff who are currently scheduled to work between June 24 and 27 be paid even though they will not be working?

No – Casual employees who would otherwise be scheduled to work on those days should be notified immediately of the cancellation of these work days. The terms of any applicable collective agreements and/or letters of hire should be followed.

Q6 Will UTM and UTSC be operating as usual on these days?

Yes, activities are not affected at UTM and UTSC and all employees at these locations will be expected to be at work as usual. In fact, a number of events are being moved from St. George to UTM and UTSC.

Q7 Will units/offices that operate off of the main campus (e.g. 500 University or within the Hospitals) be closed?

500 University and Dentistry will be closed. Aerospace will operate as usual, as will the Koffler Scientific Reserve. The hospitals will set their own guidelines.

Q8 Will there be mail service?

Not during the period of the closure. Mail service will end June 23 and resume June 28.