(2009-2010 HR#33) 2009 / 2010 Excellence through Innovation Award Program

May 10, 2010
All Managers of Administrative Staff; Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs; Professional/Managers; (CC: Divisional HR Offices)
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity
2009 / 2010 Excellence through Innovation Award Program

Once again we have the opportunity to recognize outstanding staff contributions through the Excellence through Innovation Awards program (formerly known as the Stepping UP Awards). As we transition from Stepping UP in 2010 and begin work towards the vision laid out in Towards 2030, we have refocused the award to better reflect these new strategic objectives. The focus of the Excellence through Innovation Awards is to recognize the contributions of administrative staff to advancing the University’s strategic objectives, to encourage administrative innovation and to provide a platform for sharing best practices. Professional/Managerial & Confidential staff contributions will be assessed as either a team member or as an individual contributor; unionized employees will be considered for team nominations.

The 2010 Awards will recognize significant contributions towards one or more of the following strategic objectives:

  1. Enrich the Student Experience
  2. Support Outstanding Scholarship
  3. Achieve Equity and Diversity in All of Our Activities
  4. Improve the Employee Experience by Becoming an Employer of Choice
  5. Create a World-Class Infrastructure Through Administrative Innovation

Complete details of the program along with the Committee Assessment Criteria, and examples of contributing behaviours towards the strategic objectives, are provided in the Program Details document athttps://people.utoronto.ca/news/eti.htm

Managers may nominate individuals/teams for the award by completing and submitting an electronic copy of the Individual or Team Nomination form https://people.utoronto.ca/news/eti.htm to their Division Head and their Divisional HR Office by Thursday June 17th.

All recipients of the award will be invited to attend a celebratory reception at the President’s house and will be recognized for their significant contribution.

We have outstanding, innovative staff at this University – let us make sure we recognize them appropriately!