(2007-2008 HR#5) Compliance with Social Insurance Numbers and Work Permit Requirements

September 27, 2007
PDAD&C; Professional and Managerial Staff
Christina Sass-Kortsak, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
Compliance with Social Insurance Numbers and Work Permit Requirements

I am writing to request your support in ensuring the University’s ongoing compliance with respect to Social Insurance Numbers and Work Permits. As you are aware, the University has a legal obligation to request, examine and record the Social Insurance Number (SIN) for each new employee who is hired. We also have a legal obligation to ensure that new employees do not start to work without a valid SIN and that when a valid Work or Study permit is required, the expiry date for the permit is also valid. While the University’s policies and procedures clearly state this, the HRIS system currently does allow payment to proceed without this required information.

To ensure that the University is fully compliant with these legislated requirements effective November 1, 2007 the following changes will be made:

  • When new payments are processed in HRIS, the system will check to see if a valid SIN is recorded. If the SIN is missing, the payment will not be saved and the employee will not get paid.
  • Payments beyond the end date of the Work/Study permit will not be permitted in HRIS.

Any situations where the Study/Work permit has expired or a SIN has not been entered into HRIS must be rectified immediately in order for the employees in question to continue to work and be paid.

Only under special circumstances such as Status-Only appointments, T4A NR and some T4A payments will an exception be made for the requirement for a valid SIN. There will be a process to deal with very exceptional circumstances, but such request will be subject to approval of Central Payroll.

More detailed information about these changes will be sent to Business Officers. We appreciate your support and cooperation with this initiative. If you have any questions, please contact me at christina.sass.kortsak@utoronto.ca (416-978-5805) or Rhiannon Tatham, Manager, Payroll at rhiannon.tatham@utoronto.ca (416-978-2814).