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(2007-2008 HR#20) 2007 / 2008 Stepping UP Recognition Program

April 28, 2008
All Managers of Administrative Staff (Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs; Professional / Managers); (CC: Divisional HR Offices)
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity
2007 / 2008 Stepping UP Recognition Program

This year you will once again have an opportunity to recognize outstanding staff contributions through the Stepping UP Recognition Program. There have been some minor enhancements but the primary focus of the program remains on spotlighting Administrative Staff contribution to the strategic objectives of the University. This memorandum contains the program details. Please take the time to read through this memorandum to ensure that you are aware of program requirements and timelines for nominating individual staff members or teams within your division to receive one of these awards. The award nominations must be submitted to the Divisional HR offices by May 16, 2008.

Overview and Program Eligibility

The reward program’s purpose has been to recognize administrative staffs’ (Professional/Managerial & Confidential) contribution towards Stepping UP either as a team member or as an individual contributor. While this will continue to be the criteria for assessing individual contributors, eligibility for team nominations has been expanded to include all unionized and non union appointed administrative employees.

Individuals/ Teams can be nominated for an award based on their direct contribution to the University’s and/or the Divisional Stepping UP Plan. These plans will provide the foundation to establish criteria for rewarding individuals or teams who significantly contribute towards the achievement of these goals. The University’s Stepping UP website can be accessed at

Nominations and Committee Pools

Managers can nominate individuals/teams for the award by completing and submitting an electronic copy of the Individual or Team Nomination form (available at to their Division Head and their Divisional HR Office by May 16. Nominations should include a detailed description of the specific contribution the individual or team has made towards the University’s or the Divisional Stepping UP Plan. The VP HR & Equity and the VP & Provost may forward nominations to Pool Committees in cases where Divisional staff have made significant contribution to the Centre or have had broader impact on the University.

This year the funds available for the awards will be allocated into four pools:

  1. Arts & Science, the Colleges, UTM & UTSC;
  2. Health Sciences: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing & Physical Education and Health;
  3. Professional Faculties: OISE/UT, Law, Rotman School of Management, Social Work, Music, Architecture, Forestry, FIS, & ASE;
  4. Central Administration: the President’s Division, the Provost’s Division, all Vice President’s Divisions, Library, SCS & SGS.

Committees consisting of Senior Administrators or designates will administer the pool funds, using a standard set of guidelines to determine eligibility and award amounts. For consistency across each pool, the VP of HR & Equity will assign a designate to be a member of each committee. Divisional and Central Human Resources will provide administrative support to each Pool Committee.

Each Pool Committee will meet by July 18 to review the nominations and determine who will receive an award. A centrally organized “recognition event” will take place to publicly recognize every individual/team who receives an award through the program on September 10.

Program Guidelines

Each Pool Committee will use the following guidelines in determining eligibility and awarding amounts under the Program.

  • Confidential and Professional Managerial staff are eligible for both individual and team contribution nominations.
  • While Advancement Professionals and Unionized administrative (non- academic) employees are not eligible for individual awards, they may be considered for team awards.
  • Individuals/Teams considered for this program will have made a special effort or contribution that directly supports the achievement of objectives outlined in the University’s or the Divisional Stepping UP Plan. The impact of the action should extend beyond the immediate work unit and have some effect on the broader University Community and its efforts to meet the objectives of Stepping UP. This contribution should make a measurable or demonstrable impact. The level of contribution to the University’s or the Divisional Stepping UP Plan should be considered in relation to the scope of nominees’ position(s).
  • Nominees considered for this program should be demonstrating a minimum of high quality performance in their daily responsibilities, therefore nominators who are not an individual’s direct supervisor should contact the supervisor to discuss the potential nomination.
  • Individuals can be nominated and recognized for more than one accomplishment; however, only one cash payment or gift card will be awarded.
  • The Provost and the VP HR & Equity will administer a reserve fund that each Pool Committee can apply to should they exhaust their awards and still have worthy nominees. The awarding of additional funds will be at the discretion of the Provost and the VP HR & Equity.

Examples of Past Award Recipients

  • A group of PM and USW Staff from various departments implemented the Local Flavour Plus initiative, a program that demonstrated the University’s commitment to sustainability principles in the delivery of food service operations across the St. George Campus.
  • Two Confidential staff were recognized in the Stepping UP Program specifically for the impact they had on enhancing the student experience and creating an environment that supported learning. Labs were clean, prepared and available to students at all times. The physical campus even during a time of expansion was kept to the highest standards and has been praised by students, visitors and staff. The efforts of these employees and the staff they supervise have resulted in physical space that is extremely conducive to learning.

Award Values

Individual Award Amounts Team Awards

Conf PM 12 $1,000
PM 345 $1,500
PM 67 $2,000
PM 89 $2,000
Gift Valued at $500 per person
Gift Valued at $500 per person
Gift Valued at $500 per person
Gift Valued at $500 per person