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(2007-2008 HR#17) Advancement Professionals 2008 Annual Performance Assessment Process

April 2, 2008
Principals / Deans; Advancement Professionals – SDOs; Advancement Professionals – PMs; (CC: David Palmer; Rivi Frankle; Barbara Dick; Deborah Ovsenny; Deborah Simon Edwards; Divisional HR Offices)
From: Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity
Advancement Professionals 2008 Annual Performance Assessment Process

The annual performance process for 2008 has now begun. This memorandum contains detailed instructions on the process for Performance Assessment for Advancement Professionals. Please take the time to read through this memorandum to ensure that you are aware of critical dates and the requirements of the annual process.

Complete details on the Advancement Professionals Compensation Policy are available at

Please note, further direction on goal setting for 2008/2009 will be forthcoming.
Any questions concerning the Performance Assessment Process may be directed to your Divisional HR Office.

Section 1 – Critical Dates Overview

April – May 16 All Advancement Professionals to complete their 2007-2008 Performance Accountability contracts. SDO’s are to incorporate required data sent week of May 8th from DUA. AP staff member to email the Performance Accountability contract directly to their manager with a copy to Deborah Simon Edwards by May 16, 2008.
May 16 – June 10 Manager receives completed AP Performance Accountability contract from AP staff members (by May 16). Manager reflects on feedback and coaching discussions that occurred with AP staff members throughout the review period. Manager completes the Summary Assessment form and Memo to Advancement Compensation Committee (ACC).
May 16 – June 10 Phone meetings to take place between DUA and Principals/Deans for specified SDO Advancement Professionals. Deans/Principals will be contacted by DUA if applicable.
June 10 Manager submits a recommended overall rating to their Divisional HR Office by June 10 for Advancement Compensation Committee review before discussion with AP staff members. All managers are to follow their Faculty’s/Division’s approval process prior to submitting their recommendations to the committee. The following documents are to be submitted to your Divisional HR Office:1) Completed Memo to the ACC
2) Copy of the completed Summary Assessment Form.

Please note, if you work in DUA, please submit these documents to Deborah Simon Edwards.

June 19 ACC Review Meeting
June 25 Compensation to send approved performance ratings and base salary increases to Divisional HR Offices for distribution to Managers and Business Officers (for processing).
June 25 – July 24 Manager conducts performance discussions and confirms ratings and increases with AP staff members. Reviewer provides AP staff member with a copy of the Summary Assessment Form. (Employees can provide Reviewers with comments in writing about their final assessment). Final signed copies are to be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

SECTION 2: 2007/2008 Performance Accountability Contracts and Performance Reviews

Advancement Professional Staff Members

All Advancement Professional are required to complete the results and variance sections of their 2007/2008 contracts and email the completed contract directly to their Dean/Principal/Manager and Deborah Simon Edwards no later than Friday, May 16, 2008.

In completed sections A and B of the performance/accountability contract, staff should include documented actual results, variances (where applicable) and actual completion dates. SDO’s can expect to receive year-end DIS results from Alex Agostino via email the week of May 8th, 2008 to incorporate in their contracts.

Prior to conducting the performance review, managers will review completed contracts and will complete a Summary Assessment form which will form the basis of the performance review discussion.

Performance reviews should be scheduled sometime between June 25 – July 24. Work with your managers to book these meetings. Managers will provide written confirmation of any compensation adjustments and a copy of the Completed Summary Assessment form in July.

Managers of Advancement Professional Staff

Advancement Professionals will be submitting their completed 2007-2008 contracts directly to their managers by Friday, May 16, 2008. As in past years, the performance review process allows for the Advancement Compensation Committee to approve recommended performance ratings prior to Performance Review meetings with staff members.

Reviewing Performance

Mangers of Advancement Professionals are to review the contract and complete the Summary Assessment Form prior to the performance review meeting. The manager will use this information to form the basis for the discussion about performance with the staff member. Copies of the Summary Assessment forms are available at

In completing section A of the Performance/Accountability contract, the staff member should include documented actual results, variance (when applicable), and actual completion dates. This information is to assist the manager in obtaining a clear understanding of performance and any variances listed in the contract.

Section A of the contract provides an opportunity for quantitative evaluation. When reviewing this section the manager should consider if the staff member has in fact achieved the objectives set out. Were financial targets met? Were projects completed on time according to agreed upon specifications?

Note that comments about section A can be placed on the Summary Assessment Form, managers can dispute or amplify the actual results reported by the staff member.

The question of how well someone achieved objectives is addressed in the Summary Assessment Form in the Rating of General Competencies section. Ask yourself “What was the quality of performance?” The competencies consider the overall quality of the staff member’s performance. For example, if targets were met, but the overall management of the unit and its resources was poor, the assessment of the staff member’s competency in “interpersonal/ teamwork” and “leadership” might be lower.

The variance column in section A allows for explanation of the difference between a stated objective and the actual results, be it a change in priorities, lack of funding etc. Managers should closely examine instances of variance and confirm or elaborate on the reasons for variance in the comment section of the Summary Assessment Form.

Manager’s comments are useful to both the employee, as feedback, and to the Advancement Compensation Committee, as a source of insight into evaluations.

Managers are to send copies of the completed Summary Assessment Form and the Memo to the Advancement Compensation Committee (see Section 4) to their Divisional HR Office by June 10, 2008. The Divisional HR Office will forward these documents to the Advancement Compensation Committee via Compensation.

It is critical that managers not share their recommendation with their staff member until the performance assessment meeting, which will take place after the recommendation has been reviewed and approved by the Committee.

Managers will receive confirmation of the rating and compensation amounts after June 25th, 2008 through their Divisional HR Office.

Note: 1 and 2 AP SDO’s

To facilitate the evaluation of some 1 and 2 AP SDO’s a phone meeting will be scheduled with DUA and the Dean/Principal/Manager to jointly evaluate the Advancement Professional’s contract and to arrive at a recommended performance rating. DUA will also assist in completing the Summary Assessment Form and the Memo to the Advancement Compensation Committee outlining the base salary adjustment recommendation. Deans/Principals will be contacted directly by DUA if this is applicable.

SECTION 3: Performance Rating Descriptors

Performance Category



Exceptional Performance

Consistently and substantially exceeded goals, objectives and expectations through outstanding achievements in all aspects of the position. This category is reserved for employees who demonstrate exceptional performance of a consistently and distinctly superior level of quality in all areas of responsibility and make significant contributions to the Division/Department and/or University. Those who receive this rating must consistently and substantially exceed all goals as a direct result of concerted effort.


Excellent Performance

Consistently achieved and frequently exceeded job expectations, goals and objectives through concerted effort, according to plan. Demonstrated performance of a very high level of quality in all areas of responsibility.


High Quality Performance

Work is of good quality in all significant areas of responsibility. Met job expectations, goals and objectives – both qualitative and quantitative. Consistently achieved performance expectations.


Partially Achieving Performance Expectations

Partially achieved some quantitative and qualitative goals and objectives; improvement is needed: It is expected that the employee will work to fulfil job expectations in a reasonable period of time – not to exceed one year.


Unsatisfactory Performance

Did not meet a majority of the goals and objectives. Improvement is needed in most aspects of the job. It is unclear if the employee can develop to the point where all job expectations are met. Immediate action must be taken as a result of this assessment.


SECTION 4: Annual Base Salary Increase Recommendations

After receiving the completed Performance Accountability Contract from the employee and, if applicable, after meeting with representatives in the Division of University Advancement, managers will assign an overall summary rating of the achievement of goals, the level of performance and a corresponding level of compensation on the Memo to the Advancement Compensation Committee. This memo along with the Summary Assessment Form should be sent to the Divisional HR Office no later than June 10, 2008. This recommendation will be presented to the Advancement Compensation Committee for review and consideration. A blank copy of the memo is available at

Please ensure to follow your own Faculty’s / Division’s particular approval process prior to submitting recommendations to the committee.

This rating and the recommended compensation level SHOULD NOT be discussed with your staff member, as any overall rating and payments are not final until the Advancement Compensation Committee has reviewed and approved them.

The Advancement Compensation Committee will compare the evaluations of Advancement Professionals across the University before approving final ratings and any payment amounts. The results of the committee’s deliberations will be communicated to Divisional HR Offices by June 25, 2008.

SECTION 5: The Performance Review Meeting

All Performance Review meetings should take place between June 25 and July 24.

The completed Summary Assessment Form should be used to form the basis of the discussion for the Performance Review meeting. Managers should also communicate the overall conclusion of the base salary increase or incentive pay amounts (for 2AP) to the staff member during this meeting and provide them with the approved performance rating and salary adjustment in writing.

Employees are encouraged to provide comments in writing about the assessment after the Performance Review meeting.

SECTION 6: Advancement Staff on Probation, Maternity Leave or Parental Leave

Any staff on paid leaves of absence like Maternity Leave on July 1, 2008 are entitled to salary increases according to the instructions listed in this document.

Any staff on unpaid leaves of absence like Parental Leave on July 1, 2008 should have their base salary increased effective on the date of their return from leave. The actual Performance Review is not to be conducted until they return from the leave. The process is identical for these staff but the dates are adjusted based on their date of return.

Any staff on Probation on July 1 are not eligible for the annual salary adjustment until the following July 1 after successful completion of probation.

Faculty / Division

HR Contact

Contact Information

Division of University Advancement Rebecca Ko

Deborah Simon Edwards
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Karen Lewis

Sean Suleman
Faculty of Arts & Science Julie Binks
Faculty of Law Yai Chen Huang
Faculty of Management Jan Kloosterhuis
Faculty of Medicine Diana Tiernan
Faculty of Nursing Sean Suleman
Faculty of Physical Education and Health Karen Lewis

Sean Suleman
Faculty of Social Work Lori Peckham
New College Rebecca Ko
University College Rebecca Ko
Woodsworth College Rebecca Ko
OISE/UT Susan Anderson
School of Continuing Studies Laura Fitzsimmons
University of Toronto Library Veronica Chase
University of Toronto at Mississauga Lynda Collins