(2007-2008 HR#1) SES/U Questionnaire – Manager Alert

August 29, 2007
PDAD&C; Professional / Managerial Staff
Christina Sass-Kortsak, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
SES/U Questionnaire – Manager Alert

By now you are aware that the University and USW Local 1998 are engaged in a process to implement a new job evaluation system for USW positions. As outlined in a June 29 PDAD&C memo, the University and the Union have developed a joint questionnaire to obtain additional information about jobs that may not be captured in the job description.

The Questionnaire has now been distributed to over 1000 USW staff. Employees have 3 weeks to complete the questionnaire from the date that they received it and are to receive up to 3 hours release time for this purpose.

Managers of USW employees will have access to completed questionnaires as early as September 5 and will have up to four weeks, upon receipt of notice that one of your employees has completed the questionnaire, to review and make comments. Notification will come via email so please be looking for these notifications in your inbox.

Participation by all Managers of USW employees is essential. The information provided in the completed Questionnaires will be used to rate USW positions and can have an impact on relative salary levels. Should a Manager not review and comment on an employee completed questionnaire within the 4 week timeline, the Joint Job Evaluation Committee will have to use the employee comments in the job evaluation exercise, without any management validation. We strongly encourage all Managers to actively participate in this project as your input is critical to the job evaluation project outcome.

Divisional HR Offices in conjunction with Central HR have been organizing training sessions for Managers on the questionnaire throughout the month of August. If you were unable to attend a session a copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be found at www.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/Assets/news/sesu/SESU+Manager+Training+Presentation.ppt?method=1

  • The June 29th memo to managers is available at www.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/news/memoranda/2006-07/HR__31.htm
  • For information and resources on the SES/U Job Evaluation Project is available atwww.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/news/sesu.htm

All questionnaires will be distributed to USW employees by October 17th. Please contact your Divisional HR Office for complete details on when your staff will be asked to participate, so that you may have a better idea on when you should be receiving notification emails.