(2006-2007 HR#31) SES/U Questionnaire to launch in mid-July

June 29, 2007
PDAD&C; Professional / Managerial Staff
Christina Sass-Kortsak, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
SES/U Questionnaire to launch in mid-July

In March I updated you on the University of Toronto and USW Local 1998 process to design and implement a new job evaluation system for USW positions.

The past few months have been very busy for our SES/U team. In April, together with the Union, we piloted a questionnaire with a group of 50 employees. Based on the feedback we received, the questionnaire has been substantially revised to make it easier and faster for employees to complete. This questionnaire – with questions agreed to jointly by the University and Union – will be used to obtain additional information about jobs that may not be captured in the job description.

We are now preparing to distribute the official joint questionnaire. All USW employees will be receiving a copy of the online questionnaire via email from our partner, Nooro Online Research. The distribution will be staggered among employees and will run from mid-July into the fall. Employees will have three weeks to complete the questionnaire, and will require up to three hours of release time to complete the survey. Please note that a Union representative will be contacting USW employees to arrange interviews regarding the questionnaire (if they have not previously been interviewed). The three hours of release time includes time for the interview.

When the employee has completed the questionnaire, managers will be informed via email that the employee questionnaire is ready for review. Managers will then have one month to complete their review and comments, at which time, the questionnaire will then be returned to the employee for final comments, if any.

On June 27, all USW employees were sent a letter describing the questionnaire and their role in the job evaluation process, and employees will be receiving more information when they gain access to the questionnaire.

As we approach the distribution date, we will also be sending more detailed instructions concerning your role as a manager in the job evaluation process. As well, your divisional HR representative will be available to answer questions and provide training about the questionnaire and completion process.

  • The March 15 memo to managers is available at
  • The June 27 letter sent to USW employees is available at

Thank you for your support and cooperation.