(2006-2007 HR#30) Approved July 2007 Annual Increases for P/M and Confidential Staff

June 25, 2007
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs; Professionals / Managers; Confidential Staff
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity
Approved July 2007 Annual Increases for P/M and Confidential Staff

I am pleased to announce that at its June 21, 2007 meeting, Business Board approved the following salary increases:

P/M 1 to 5 and Confidentials

  1. ATB: 2.5% effective July 1, 2007; an additional 0.5% ATB effective January 1, 2008. (Note: The OTO savings from the phased increase contribute towards covering part of the cost of the early retirement window extension to June 30, 2008 for this group.)
  2. Merit: A further 2% of the salary base for this group will be pooled and distributed based on merit.

P/M 6 to 9

A 3% ATB and 2% merit amount will be pooled and distributed entirely based on merit effective July 1, 2007.

Stepping Up Awards for P/M and Confidentials

A further 0.5% of the salary base will be pooled and paid out on an OTO basis to staff who receive Stepping Up awards. Information about the Stepping Up awards can be found in the April 5, 2007 memo and is available athttps://people.utoronto.ca/news/memoranda/2006-07/22/07performance.htm

Administration of Salary Increases

The ATB and merit increases will be administered as follows:

  • Five merit pools have been established for purposes of calculating merit. The merit pools will be broken down as follows: Confidential staff; P/M 1, 2; P/M 3, 4, 5; PM 6, 7; PM 8, 9.
  • Merit pools for Confidential staff, P/M 1, 2, and P/M 3, 4, 5, staff are based on 2% of the salary base of the employees in each group. Note that for staff in P/M levels 6 to 9 the ATB amount is added to the merit pools and distributed based on performance.
  • As in past years, merit dollar amounts will be calculated within each pool for each level of the performance rating scale. The amounts allocated will increase proportionally from the lowest performance level to the highest. So, for example, the merit amount awarded for performance level ‘2.5′ will be less than that awarded for a ‘5′ rating.
  • In accordance with the compensation policy for Professionals/Managers and Confidential staff, PM 1 to 5 and Confidential staff whose annualized salary is currently at the maximum of his/her salary range are not entitled to a merit increase to base salary. However, the staff member may be eligible for an OTO merit award based on performance. An OTO merit award is not part of the staff member’s regular (base) salary.

The Compensation policies for P/M staff are available at https://people.utoronto.ca/Assets/policy/pm/pmpol.pdf and for Confidential staff are available at https://people.utoronto.ca/Assets/policy/conf/confpol.pdf

Detailed instructions regarding the processing of the Annual Increase Program for P/M and Confidential staff are available on the AMS website at http://www.ams.utoronto.ca/training/hris/annsalinc.htm

The adjusted salary ranges, effective July 1, 2007 for Professionals/Managers are available athttps://people.utoronto.ca/Assets/comp/pm/pmsal0707.pdf and for Confidential staff are available athttps://people.utoronto.ca/Assets/comp/conf/confsal0707.pdf