(2006-2007 HR#28) UTemp – U of T’s internal staffing service

June 25, 2007
PDAD&C; P / M staff
Christina Sass-Kortsak, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
UTemp – U of T’s internal staffing service

I would like to inform you of the name change of the University’s temporary staffing service from The Temporary Source to UTemp.

UTemp can provide USW and Confidential casual staff to all University departments and University affiliates for short and long-term assignments in a broad range of administrative positions.

There are many benefits of using U of T’s own internal staffing service:

  • UTemp employees are familiar with University practices and procedures.
  • Employees have expertise in FIS, HRIS, DIS and ROSI, as well as a host of applications and web-based programs.
  • Payments are processed through the University’s convenient internal billing system which is GST exempt.
  • Wage rates are consistent with U of T policies and collective agreements.
  • UTemp automatically collects and remits union dues to USW for clients.
  • Service is provided to all three campuses.

As well, UTemp has a unique Employee Release Policy. If your department decides to have a UTemp employee continue an assignment on a casual basis after working 420 hours, the employee will be released at no further cost to the department and there is no finder’s fee – a great cost savings to your department.

Over 50 departments currently use this service, and I urge you to consider supporting the University and hiring from UTemp when you need casual staff. More information can be found at www.jobs.utoronto.ca/utemp or by calling 416-97-UTEMP (416-978-8367).