(2006-2007 HR#27) Professional / Managerial Staff Questionnaire

June 13, 2007
All Professional / Managerial Staff
Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity
Professional / Managerial Staff Questionnaire

In my earlier communication, Announcement of PM Advisory Committees (HR #23, April 24, 2007), I announced that a questionnaire would be made available to all Professional/Managerial staff. The questionnaire is now available athttps://people.utoronto.ca/groups/pm/pmquest.htm Please note that the questionnaire is voluntary, anonymous, and brief.

The questionnaire was suggested by one of the PM Advisory Committees as a means of gathering information from the broader Professional/Managerial group on work-related issues of importance to them. Summary data from the questionnaire will be shared with the relevant PM Advisory committees.

Prior to completing the questionnaire, you may wish to review each committee’s Terms of Reference, which lists the range of issues for possible discussion by the committee.

If you have other issues that you would like to propose for discussion by the committee or have a question or comment concerning an issue listed in the Terms of Reference, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.

If you have any questions concerning the questionnaire, please contact Janice Draper, Human Resources Department, who is Secretariat to the Professional/Managerial Advisory Committees. Janice may be contacted via email atjanice.draper@utoronto.ca or phone at 416-978-5699.

Please submit your completed questionnaire no later than August 31, 2007.

The April 24 memo and PM Advisory Committees’ Terms of Reference are available athttps://people.utoronto.ca/groups/pm/pmac.htm