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(2006-2007 HR#23) Announcement of PM Advisory Committees

April 24, 2007
All Professional / Managerial Staff
Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity
Announcement of PM Advisory Committees

I am pleased to announce that the PM Advisory Committees (1-5) and (6-9) have been established and both committees have held their inaugural meetings. The interest and enthusiasm of committee members has reinforced the importance of having a mechanism for providing input and advice in the development and implementation of work-related policies and programs for Professionals/Managers.

I would like to thank all Professional/Managerial staff who volunteered or accepted a nomination to be on one of the committees. While we were not able to select everyone who put their name forward, the selection of members for both committees ensured representation from across divisions, reflecting diversity, variation in length of service and distribution across the PM levels.

For your information, the following information is posted on the HR & Equity website

  • Membership & Contacts List for PM Advisory Committee (1-5)
  • Membership & Contacts List for PM Advisory Committee (6-9)

Terms of Reference have been developed for each committee, which are also posted on the HR & Equity website:

  • Terms of Reference PM Advisory Committee (1-5)
  • Terms of Reference PM Advisory Committee (6-9)

Please take a few minutes to review the Terms of Reference, which describe the role of the committee and committee members.

It is important to note that the Advisory Committees are just that, i.e., they are advisory to me on various work-related issues relating to Professionals/Managers. While part of the role of committee members is to consider the broader interests of their colleagues, the Advisory Committees do not represent Professional/Managerial staff in any formal or official capacity. However, at the same time, it is important to have a mechanism in place to facilitate communication between the committees and Professional/Managerial staff so that issues of concern may be brought forward. Both committees will be considering how we might facilitate such communication and we will be in touch with you on this matter shortly. In the meantime, should you have any items you would like to propose for discussion by the committee, please forward them to Janice Draper at

As well, in conjunction with the launch of the committees, we are developing a questionnaire that will provide the opportunity for you to share your questions or issues. We will be announcing the questionnaire via the PandM listserv in early May.

We will also continue to convene meetings with all Professional/Managerial staff, at least twice a year, and use the PandM listserv as a vehicle to provide updates concerning the committees’ activities and issues of importance and interest to all PMs.