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(2006-2007 HR#21) Advancement Professionals 2007 Annual Performance Assessment Process

April 4, 2007
Principals/Deans; Advancement Professionals – SDOs; Advancement Professionals – PMs; Divisional HR Offices; (CC: Rivi Frankle; Avon MacFarlane; Barbara Dick; Deborah Ovsenny; Deborah Simon Edwards)
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, Human Resources & Equity and Chair of Advancement Compensation Committee
Advancement Professionals 2007 Annual Performance Assessment Process

The annual performance process for 2007 has now begun. This memorandum contains detailed instructions on the process for Performance Assessment for Advancement Professionals. Please take the time to read through this memorandum to ensure that you are aware of critical dates and the requirements of the annual process.

Complete details on the Advancement Professionals Compensation Policy are available at

Any questions concerning the Performance Assessment Process may be directed to your Divisional HR Office.

A PDF version of this document can be downloaded here.

  • Section 1
    Critical Dates Overview
  • Section 2
    2007/2008 Accountability Contracts
  • Section 3
    2006/2007 Performance Accountability Contracts and Performance Reviews
  • Section 4
    Performance Rating Descriptors
  • Section 5
    Annual Base Salary Increase Recommendations
  • Section 6
    The Performance Review Meeting
  • Section 7
    Advancement Staff on Probation, Maternity Leave or Parental Leave