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(2006-2007 HR#19) HIGHLIGHTS of the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement

March 1, 2007
PDADC; Professional / Managerial staff
Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity
HIGHLIGHTS of the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement

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This is a three year agreement September 1, 2006 to August 31, 2009.

Minimum Wage Rates

This Collective Agreement does not specify individual wage rates, but instead sets a minimum rate. Those individuals being paid above the minimum (approximately 30% of Sessional Lecturers) do not receive any automatic increase – however they cannot receive less than the new minimum for their category.

The adjustments to the wage rates include two components: an annual adjustment, which, as a percentage mirrors the increases previously negotiated with other bargaining units at the University for this time period; a market adjustment that will bring U of T rates closer to those already in place at several other institutions operating within the GTA.

Sessional Lecturer I

September 1, 2006       $12,050
September 1, 2007       $12,550
September 1, 2008       $13,000

Sessional Lecturer II

September 1, 2006       $13,050
September 1, 2007       $13,550
September 1, 2008       $14,000

Other Music Professionals

Applied Lessons/Music Coaching                Minimum Hourly Rate
September 1, 2006                                     $75.25 per hour
September 1, 2007                                     $77.25
September 1, 2008                                     $79.65

Accompanist (non teaching)
September 1, 2006                                     $46.30
September 1, 2007                                     $47.60
September 1, 2008                                     $49.00

Recital Adjudication
September 1, 2006                                     $57.60
September 1, 2007                                     $59.20
September 1, 2008                                     $60.90

Writing Instructors                                  Minimum Hourly Rate

Writing Instructor I
September 1, 2006                                     $37.00
September 1, 2007                                     $38.00
September 1, 2008                                     $40.00

Writing Instructor II
September 1, 2006                                     $40.00
September 1, 2007                                     $41.00
September 1, 2008                                     $43.00

Sessional Instructional Assistants               Minimum Hourly Rate
September 1, 2006                                      $35.11
January 1, 2007                                           $35.29
September 1, 2007                                      $36.17
January 1, 2008                                           $36.35
September 1, 2008                                      TBA (per Unit 1)


Health Care Spending Accounts for Sessional Lecturers have been increased as follows:

September 1, 2007
$250 per half course taught to a maximum of $1,250

September 1, 2008
$275 per half course taught to a maximum of $1,375.

As well, hourly paid employees (Sessional Instructional Assistants, Writing instructors and Other Music Professionals) shall have access to the health care spending account beginning in September of 2007, based on the following formula:

September 1, 2007: for appointments of 160 hours or greater, $250 per plan year
September 1, 2008 for appointments of 160 hours or greater, $275 per plan year

Letter of Intent: Expense Reimbursement

Out of pocket expenses related to teaching will be covered by the department provided they are approved in advance by the Chair or designate.

Writing Instructors: Terms and Conditions of employment

The renewal collective agreement contains several provisions regarding the employment of Writing Instructors. These provisions mirror, in structure, provisions in place for sessional lectures regarding hiring and selection as well as Advancement (to the Writing Instructor II level), and advancement appeals and review panel.

Hiring Grievances

The first collective agreement provided the right to file a hiring grievance provided that the position was of at least four months duration* and provided that the applicant has been employed in the hiring department for at least four months within the past twelve months. The parties have agreed to extend this right, with the following limitations:

  1. as above, for all positions of at least four months’ duration* … provided that the applicant has been employed in the hiring department for at least four months within the past sixteen months.
  2. For Sessional Lecturer II ONLY
    A Sessional Lecturer II who has been employed to teach in the hiring Department within the past five years, shall have the right to file an individual hiring grievance provided that

    a) the department posting the position in dispute is the department that previously advanced the applicant to the Sessional Lecturer II status, and

    (b) The applicant has previously taught in the hiring Department the course in question or another version of it.

* Please note that the collective agreement language specifies different time frames for positions for the summeracademic session

Terms and Conditions of Employment

6:07 Under the revised Article 6:07 the hiring department is responsible for providing new employees with a copy of the collective agreement with each initial letter of offer. In sending out subsequent offers, for this life of this agreement, departments are no longer required to provide additional copies of the agreement with each offer. This is a modest but real savings in printing costs and paper for the University.

6:09 Employing departments are required to provide the Union with signed back, accepted letters of offer within fifteen (15) days of receipt. In the case of Sessional Lecturers I and II, the actual rank at which the person is being appointed should be noted.

14.15 Unsuccessful candidates for positions in this bargaining unit must be advised of the outcome of their applications within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of the acceptance by the successful candidate. If the department is able to provide such notice earlier, they are encouraged to do so.

18:09 Pregnancy Leave: This leave has been extended from two (2) months to ten (10) weeks. All other provisions governing Pregnancy Leave remain unchanged.

18:15 Sick Leave: The first collective agreement restricted access to the sick leave provisions to Sessional Lecturers who were employed during the previous academic year. This restriction has been removed. All other provisions remain the same including the amount of sick leave (up to five days per academic session). Also, please note that sick leave has been extended to cover Writing Centre Instructors and Other Music Professionals for regularly scheduled classroom or contact hours only.

22:03 (b) The renewal collective agreement makes specific provision that employees in this bargaining unit have the right to use photocopy equipment on the same basis as other members of the teaching staff, as required for performance of their assigned duties.