“You become a part of a very important journey”: Meet Lumi Bolu, a U of T immigration consultant

Olumide Bolu poses for a photo

Olumide “Lumi” Bolu is an Employment & Immigration Consultant in the Division of Human Resources & Equity. He has worked for U of T since August 2017.


Can you tell us a bit about what you do for the University?

I work with faculty and staff across all three of campuses to identify the most viable pathway for prospective employees with foreign citizenship to come and work for the University.

For casual positions, I collaborate mostly with business officers; they usually contact me once a qualified individual has been identified or selected to receive an offer of employment. We then work together to map out the work permits required and the best way to obtain them.

For appointed positions, such as research associates and senior research associates, I work with the units up front to help review all the posting and hiring requirements.


What kind of credentials are required for your role?

I hold a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) licence. Mandated by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Citizenship Act, the licence allows me to offer formal advice to persons who need valid permits to work at U of T.


Are there specific employee groups that you work on?

The team I work on deals mostly with research associates and post-doctoral fellows. We also process other employee types on occasion where an identified individual brings a skill set not found in the domestic labour market. This sometimes includes other staff, tradespersons and on one occasion—an executive director.


What is the case volume like?

My teammates and I process more than 1,900 staff-related immigration cases, and over 850 Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) work permits and LMIA-exempt work permits in a year. LMIAs are federally regulated documents that an employer in Canada needs to consider before hiring a foreign worker.


Can you share something that inspires or motivates you in your position?

Having a role in helping people get work in Canada is really special. It can be a stepping stone to being here permanently and that’s usually life changing for those individuals. Knowing that you are a part of that process is very rewarding—those people never forget you. You become a part of a very important journey.


Can you tell us something about your interests off the clock?

I have a passion for fragrances. I don’t use them as much while I’m at work as I am conscious of people who are sensitive to them. But I do spend a lot of time discovering perfumery. I have a large collection of fragrances (Santal 33 by Le Labo is my current favourite) and I’ve built relationships with staff at some of our premier department stores in Toronto.

I actually want to become a Nose, or what is sometimes referred to as a perfumer or fragrance chemist, as an alternate career. I’d like to, one day, develop my own fragrance.

I’m also a huge Liverpool Football Club and English Premier League fan. I’ve started an informal fan club with a few of my colleagues in HR & Equity and we meet up occasionally to discuss the status and performance of the team.

We’re open to more fans to join us; feel free to reach out!


Lumi can be reached at olumide.bolu@utoronto.ca. His email has been shared with his permission.