Sept. 22, 2021 The Division of Human Resources & Equity is now called the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture.

Anti-Racism Strategic Tables

Inclusive Excellence in Action

The Anti-Racism Strategic Tables at the University of Toronto draw on the knowledge of students, staff and faculty in the tri-campus community to better understand and respond to the needs of campus communities experiencing racism and religious discrimination.

Anti-Asian Racism Working Group Report

The Anti-Asian Racism Working Group delivered 40 recommendations to address anti-Asian racism and to foster an inclusive, equitable environment for Asian community members, all of which were accepted by the University.

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Reflecting on our Progress

Learn how our community is addressing the recommendations of the Antisemitism Working Group Report (ASWG) and Anti-Black Racism Task Force (ABRTF).

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Read the ABRTF article

Commitments Dashboard

This interactive dashboard records our commitments, tracks our progress, showcases the groups at work, and provides insight into the volume of work.

Key Highlights: Responding to Institutional Commitments

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About the Anti-Racism Strategic Tables

Our three tables will review existing University processes and practices and provide actionable recommendations to the President, the Vice-President and Provost, and the Vice-President, People Strategy, Equity & Culture. The important work of these tables will bring us closer to realizing the University’s commitment to inclusive excellence and renew our focus on eliminating racism, hate and discrimination in our learning and working environments.

Anti-Asian Racism Working Group

The U of T institutional Anti-Asian Racism Working Group is an integral part of the University’s commitment to addressing forms of racism and discrimination faced by members of our community.

Anti-Islamophobia Working Group

In response to the needs of the University community, the Assistant Director, Faith and Anti-Racism, and Executive Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion will support the ongoing efforts of the AIWG to address experiences of Islamophobia with a key focus on anti-Arab racism, anti-Palestinian discrimination, and related forms of racism and faith-based discrimination. 

Antisemitism Working Group

The U of T institutional Antisemitism Working Group is an integral part of the University’s commitment to address deep-seated and emerging forms of discrimination within its tri-campus community.

Anti-Black Racism Task Force

The U of T institutional Anti-Black Racism Task Force aims to address anti-Black racism and to promote Black inclusion and excellence within the University of Toronto tri-campus community.

Read a collection of key highlights that reflect just some of the important work and initiatives taking place across the tri-campus in response to recommendations from the Anti-Black Racism Task Force and the Antisemitism Working Group.

Key Highlights: Responding to Institutional Commitments