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You can contact WPI at wpi.psec@utoronto.ca or call (416) 864-8476. Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.


If we receive your call or email during our operating hours, we will strive to respond the same day.

We generally respond to requests within two business days.


Leave a voicemail and a member of our team will contact you.

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About Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations (WPI) is the central administrative office in the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture that collaborates with other support portfolios to respond to and resolve employee concerns and complaints.

We work closely with the University’s Divisional HR Offices, tri-campus Equity Offices, the Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre, and many other offices including departments, Divisions, and Faculties to manage complex complaints and to build resolution channels and support based on principles of inclusion.

Wellness is front of mind throughout the entire complaints process and we encourage all staff and community members to engage with available supports to help them thrive.

We recognize the importance of addressing issues in a timely, accessible, and transparent manner, ensuring that there are no reprisals for raising a concern or a complaint.

What We Do

  • Early Intervention or Informal Resolution

    Early intervention or informal resolution may include:

    • facilitated discussions
    • mediation
    • recommendations for education and training
    • departmental reviews
  • Workplace Culture and Climate Review

    A Workplace Culture and Climate Review assesses morale and the extent to which staff feel respected and included in the workplace.

    The assessment often includes surveys and interviews followed by a report with recommendations on how best to address any issues identified and improve workplace culture. These reviews may include students or alumni in addition to the faculty, librarians, and staff in the given unit or department being reviewed.

    Climate and Culture Reviews are typically undertaken by an impartial third-party reviewer retained by WPI on the basis of our assessment or at the request of a department, Division, or Faculty.

  • Workplace Investigation

    An investigation is conducted when there is a formal complaint of incivility, harassment, or discrimination affecting an individual in the workplace.

    We assign an investigator to undertake the investigation, interview relevant parties, and review the evidence before producing a report with their findings.

    Upon completion, an investigation may indicate the need for additional review or restoration activities.

  • Workplace Restoration

    Workplace restoration is designed to improve and rebuild employee engagement and productivity.

    After an investigation or informal resolution has occurred, we explore workplace restoration to help anyone involved return to a healthy, respectful, and productive workplace.