Resources and guidance for leaders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Mental Health Commission of Canada
    Guide for Managers

    This guide provides tips, considerations and insights to help managers provide mental health first aid to their employees.

  • Telus Health
    Manager Consult

    A consultation service for managers and supervisors with questions about specific employee situations including mental health, unusual behavior, or performance issues. Clinical managers will provide information and resources tailored to your circumstances and are available 24/7 at 1-855-595-2110.

  • Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
    Workplace Trauma

    Organizational and leadership strategies for how to deal with trauma in the workplace.

  • Deloitte
    The Heart of Resilient Leadership: Responding to COVID-19

    Five fundamental qualities of resilient leadership that distinguish successful leaders as they respond, recover and thrive through the COVID-19 crisis

  • Forbes
    The Leader’s Guide to Managing COVID-19 Panic

    Today’s climate of panic creates both an opportunity and an imperative for leaders starting with setting an example with key practices to affect a resilient mindset, and also take steps to foster a more resilient organization. Learn five key practices to implement and encourage to successfully manage through these unusual times.

  • MIT Sloan Management Review
    Leading Through COVID-19

    The art of effective crisis leadership focuses on three interdependent areas of activity that help foster sustained high performance by your team: adaptive capacity, resilience, and trust.

  • McLean & Company
    COVID-19 & Recession Resource Center

    HR Consulting firm McLean & Company has developed an online hub to help HR professionals navigate this crisis, including daily updates, regular webinars, and videos. Read and watch what’s new.

  • Mental Health Works
    How Can I Approach an Employee?
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    As a manager you have a responsibility to your staff to take action if you suspect that an employee is dealing with a mental health problem: How to approach an employee for whom you are concerned.

If you would like further information on the services and supports available to you, your family/dependents or to your staff, please contact Richa Chodha, Senior Integrated Wellness Consultant at