Retirement and Pension

Honouring our community’s service and dedication.

The University thrives because of our outstanding community members who have and continue to play an integral role in our institution’s growth and development.

Whether retirement is years away or just around the corner, our goal is to ensure our community has the information they need to make informed choices when planning for life after work. Our generous retirement packages offer our employees the ability to select a retirement path that best meets their diverse needs.

University Pension Plan (UPP)

Effective July 1st, the University of Toronto will participate in the University Pension Plan (UPP) along with the University of Guelph and Queen’s University.

For updates, notices, and access to UPP information, please refer to University of Toronto Pension memos and

Inactive Pension Members

Individuals who have retired and receive payments from the UPP or who no longer work at the U of T but still have a pension entitlement under the plan can access information about their current pension details by accessing the Pension Portal. Here they can find additional information such as:

  • What happens to the pension if a member or spouse passes away
  • When the benefit elections can be changed
  • When T4A Tax Slips will be issued
  • How to submit Power of Attorney documentation

Plan Member Support

If active or inactive members require additional information about pension entitlements, please contact University of Toronto Pension Services (UTPS) at 1-888-852-2559 (or 416-226-8278 when calling from outside Canada or the United States), Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

Keeping in touch with the University after retirement

The University of Toronto Pension Services will provide a pension confirmation notice each year showing your pension indexation increase and benefits. When applicable, the following flyers will be added into your retirement package.

Some avenues for staying connected to the University include:

You are a great resource since the skills and experience you bring to the University is invaluable. In addition, your involvement is yet another way to strengthen diversity at the University, by expanding the age range of people on campus.