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Visiting Canada

Work and study permits

The University of Toronto encourages foreign nationals to come to the University as visitors in order to foster the exchange of ideas, receive specialized training and participate in research collaboration.

Visitors must follow different immigration pathways than workers or students.

Depending on the nature of the visit, foreign nationals may not require a work or study permit to visit the University of Toronto.

The following U of T visitors do not require work or study permits:

  • Guest speakers delivering a seminar that lasts no longer than five days
  • Members of the executive of a committee that is organizing a convention or meeting, or as administrative support staff of such a committee
  • Examiners and / or evaluators of research proposals or University projects, programs or theses
  • Individuals touring the campus
  • Individuals participating in discussions, meetings and observations
  • Individuals using a library for their personal interest
  • Individuals receiving training (with the exception of hands-on training)
  • Individuals providing after-sales service (restricted to providing verbal instructions to Canadian workers)
  • Individuals attending an education / training program / workshop (no hands-on work or productions) for less than six months (the program itself must be less than six months)
  • While immigration status is based on the activities being conducted while in Canada, the ability to enter Canada requires various documentation based on the country of citizenship. Visitors may still be require to obtain any appropriate entry visas or authorizations to enter the country.

More details can be found on the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website.