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Discontinuation of the TTC Volume Incentive Program

Date October 18, 2018
To: Employees who participate in the TTC Volume Incentive Program
From: Steve Dyce, Director, Benefits, Pension, and Payroll, Human Resources & Equity

As part of the TTC’s continuing transition to PRESTO, Metropasses will be discontinued as of December 31, 2018. This means that the TTC’s Volume Incentive Program (VIP), which gave U of T employees the opportunity to purchase a discounted Metropass, will also end. November VIP sales for the December Metropass will be the last monthly pass available.

The TTC has committed to providing complimentary PRESTO cards to our employees who purchase the VIP passes. The TTC is also working with PRESTO to see if a discount program for organizations could be introduced on PRESTO.

Transportation Services, who administer the VIP plan at U of T, will provide more information as it becomes available in the coming weeks.

What Happens Next:

In the new year, employees can sign up directly through the TTC for the 12 month PRESTO pass to receive a discounted monthly rate ($134 /month for 12 months), or purchase a TTC monthly pass on PRESTO ($146.25/month).

More Information:

Additional information will be posted on the HR & Equity and Transportation websites as it becomes available.

Should you have any questions, please contact Transportation Services at