True Blue Program

The True Blue Award

Each time you recognize a colleague, you are nominating them to win the True Blue Award and highlighting their outstanding work to their manager. Each month, the recipients of the best True Blue informal recognitions will be selected to win credit on the True Blue Recognition Platform, redeemable for prizes valued at $25.


True Blue Criteria

The criteria below illustrate the practices of exemplary faculty and staff. Use these as a guide in identifying outstanding contributions of your colleagues.

  • Citizenship – Choosing actions to positively influence the quality of life for the broader University community and displaying a genuine interest in being present for peers above and beyond expectations.
  • Collaboration – Excelling at cultivating cooperation, teamwork, and open communication by building strong working relationships within their area or across different divisions.
  • Equity – Outstanding work that advances and fosters an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment to ensure fair and equal opportunities are available to all University community members.
  • Innovation – Being visionary and seeking opportunities for improvements resulting in creating new processes or using creativity to solve a challenge.
  • Leadership – Providing inspirational guidance and mentorship within the University community and embracing a commitment to advancing and championing others.
  • Service – Demonstrating a high standard of professionalism and consistently providing outstanding and exemplary service to the students, staff, faculty, librarians, or client group.



Award Details:

  • The True Blue Award is open to all faculty, librarians and staff at the University of Toronto (including non-appointed) in good standing
  • You can submit a nomination for the award on the True Blue Recognition Platform or by completing a physical recognition card available at Divisional HR Offices
  • Recognitions for all True Blue Criteria will be reviewed and evaluated by the Recognition and Engagement Team of HR & Equity at the University of Toronto
  • Each month, up to 20 recipients of True Blue informal recognitions that best exemplify the valued behaviours and reflect on Recognition Best Practices will be selected to receive the True Blue Award
  • Winners will receive points on the True Blue Recognition Platform, which are redeemable for prizes valued at $25
  • Winners will also have an opportunity to be published in the Bulletin Brief and on this website
  • Contest details are subject to change at any time without advance notification, at leadership’s discretion