Enterprise Systems Modernization 

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Upgrading software infrastructure.

Several very large system investments have now been approved to modernize the main Human Resources enterprise systems at U of T over the next 2 – 5 years. These include a full upgrade of our HRIS system to the new version of SAP and talent management products (SuccessFactors), along with the continued roll-out of a centrally supported time and attendance application (Kronos) for hourly paid employees.

Kronos Time and Attendance Software

Kronos is a cloud-based time and attendance system for use with our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) – Payroll. Kronos eliminates the use of paper timesheets and the need to forecast employee hours through convenient, online approval processes. The software provides electronic timesheets, timeclocks, or mobile check-in for hourly paid or casual employees. Approved for central funding, the system has been rolled out to 14 departments and over 3,000 employees currently using the system. More than 2,000 employees expected to join Kronos platform in 2020.

Download project summary [PDF]


  • Centrally supported electronic Time and Attendance system for hourly paid employees.
  • Convenient online approval process for managers.
  • Integration of system interfaces with HRIS payroll.


  • Implementation of SuccessFactors Modules: Learning, and Performance and Goals, complete
  • Design and configuration sessions for SuccessFactors Recruitment underway
  • S4 Finance upgrade started: POC instance complete, blueprinting workshops underway

SAP Modernization Program

In October 2018, the University approved a 3–5 year modernization program of the SAP Administrative Management Systems. Improvements to the system include an upgrade of the entire HR Talent Management Suite (SAP SuccessFactors), an upgrade of the core HR and Finance systems to the new version of SAP (S4) and an upgrade in core technology to an in-memory database (HANA). To enable the upgrade, all infrastructure supporting the new versions of SAP software have been upgraded as part of this program and moved to a more robust cloud platform allowing for 24/7 support of this investment for the university.

The implementation of our new HR Talent Suite, SAP SuccessFactors, is an important step in fully modernizing the main HRIS systems at U of T. SuccessFactors is an integrated cloud solution built for a better user experience. These new applications will allow for personalized training, focused career development, an improved candidate and onboarding experience, and provide for better decision making about hiring, diversity, performance and more. Modules currently slated for implementation include: Staff Learning, Performance and Goals, Succession Planning, Recruitment and Onboarding, and Employee Central.


  • A new “one-stop shop” with an integrated, flexible, and easy to use HR technology suite
  • A complete package from hire to retire that includes Recruitment and Onboarding, Learning Management, Performance and Goals, and Succession Planning.
  • Improved talent acquisition through advanced branding, marketing and on-boarding career sites.
  • Cutting-edge workforce analytics allowing managers improved visibility into UofT talent pools.
  • Ability to link learning to employee personal and development goals using dynamic online material or links to external online learning sources.
  • Ability for staff to conveniently register for courses and record completion of mandatory courses.
  • A self-service experience that will increase engagement and reduce administration.


  • Central Funding made available for on-going employee/manager license costs (to April 2020)
  • Work underway for UTM FMP scheduler (new module), Dentistry, Innis College, Pharmacy and others, along with Robarts Library Flex time.
  • Interest expressed (and next in queue): Music, UTM Management and Work Study program participants.