High-impact projects for improving service delivery.

Efficient service delivery.
Improved team collaboration.
Insightful data reporting.

About the HR Technology Roadmap

Over the next three to five years, People Strategy, Equity & Culture, in partnership with Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration, will embark on a new HR Technology Program with the goal of modernizing the HR systems and launching new tools that create a more cohesive and efficient digital workplace. This program is projected to save $1.5 million annually.

Who's steering this ship? Meet the project Governance Committee.

Project Progress

Keep tabs on the HR Technology Roadmap initiative with the latest progress report and project milestones documents, both updated in February 2020.

Progress Report [PDF]Project Milestones [PDF]

Areas of Focus

High-impact projects which create innovation in future service delivery and productivity tools for employees and administrators have been situated within four areas of focus within the plan:

1. Reporting & Analytics Dashboards

Launching strategic business intelligence tools.

These tools introduce a self-serve hub and reporting platform providing analytics and insights into HR trends.

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2. Knowledge & Service Management

Implementing new tools for information exchange.

Technologies which allow for improved collaboration and service delivery.

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3. Process Optimization & Improvements

Improving the efficiency of administrative systems.

Implementation of large system improvements will reduce administrative overhead within divisions.

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4. Enterprise System Modernization

Upgrading HR information and management systems.

Significant investments have been approved to implement large-scale Human Resources system modernization.

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